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          Leadership Opportunities

          At JFS we have a deserved reputation for high ethical and disciplinary standards. Our students are well-behaved, respectful and motivated to thrive and achieve their best in and outside of School.

          We look ahead to the future and prepare students for a life of leadership. We have a strong leadership training programme and students are encouraged to assume roles of responsibility. Students are able to engage in public speaking and advocacy training, learn communication and people management skills as well as engaging with a plethora of communal figures whilst performing a broad range of roles within the School and helping to care for our community.

          We look to older students to act as role models to the younger students and to help with mentoring and guidance. Nurturing good Student Leaders is an important element to our success as a school. Students are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to enable them to take responsibility for their school and then to contribute positively both to the school and the wider community.

          Student leaders at JFS consist of the Head Boy/Head Girl team, Student Officers and members of the Student Council. Together, they work to improve the School and suggest solutions to various dilemmas.

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          A final team of Peer Buddies befriend and support Year 7 students as they make the transition from Primary to Secondary school.  Peer Buddies work closely with an assigned Tutor Group throughout the year.  All Student Officers receive special training and, through their duties, develop such skills as assertiveness, punctuality and responsibility. It’s usually from this group of students that the Head Boy/Head Girl team will emerge.

          The Head Boy/Head Girl Team

          The core student leaders form the Head Boy/Head Girl team, which is elected every December by staff and members of the Sixth Form. The team consists of a Head Boy and Head Girl together with two Deputy Head Boys and two Deputy Head Girls.

          The team’s role includes helping to support and co-ordinate the Student Officers and chairing Student Council meetings and their working parties.

          The current team is also looking to improve the effectiveness of the Student Council.

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